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  • £9.75

Mild intense straw yellow colour, characteristic, aromatic and flavoured bouquet with a crisp, fresh and harmonious palate and a big juicy finish.

    Region: Sicily
    Style: Crisp, Fresh & Dry
    Grape: Fiano
    Country: Italy
    Size: 75cl
Product code: i011

    • The Moon since ancient times with its movement in the sky, with the succession of its growing and waning phases has influenced the rhythm of life on Earth. There has always been a strong link between human activities and nature; and the production of wine is certainly not exempt from this bond, even if never proved. In particular, during the bottling phase, the influence of the moon is of primary importance. Moreover, respect for the lunar movements refers to a millennial tradition, born in our countryside, where life was regulated, even more than the Sun, right from the rhythms of the Moon, which marked both the time of the work in the fields and that of the care of the animals or other activities. But this is also a way to feel more intimately in harmony with nature even in simple everyday gestures. 
      • GRAPES: Fiano
      • PRODUCTION AREA: Sicily Region, Trapani area
      • CLIMATE: Sicily, the "land of the sun”, has a Mediterranean climate along the coasts. In the inland areas instead the climate becomes slightly more continental at hilly levels, with moderately cold winters and hot summers
      • HARVEST: September
      • STORAGE TIME: 2/3 years
      • BOTTLE SIZE: 750 ml
      • SERVING. TEMP.: 12/14 °C
      • ALCOHOL CONTENT: 13,5% Vol

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