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Licor 43, also known as "Cuarenta Y Tres" is a liqueur made in Spain for over 1800 years . It is a bright yellow color and derives it's name from the fact that it is supposedly a mixture of 43 different ingredients, fruits and herbs.

    Style: Fruit liqueur
    ABV: 31.00%
    Country: Spain
    Size: 70cl
Product code: d077

    • icor 43 is a liqueur with a complex, but harmonic flavour profile that can be perceived at four levels:


      Reminiscence to the lively citrus aromas of Mediterranean citrus gardens.


      The subtle spiced touch of coriander.


      The sweet palate of mature fruit and nuances of vanilla.


      Soft notes of Mediterranean orange and lemon blossom, with a certain point of astringency derived from the peel of citrus fruits, smoothed with notes of mature fruits.

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