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AMPERSAND Strawberry is a premium gin made from juniper and strawberries from the south of Spain.Balanced structure with a lively, fruity palate, notes of strawberry accompanied by a subtle citrus note.

    Region: Cadiz
    Style: Flavoured gin
    ABV: 37.5%
    Country: Spain
    Size: 70cl
Product code: d124


      Ampersand Strawberry is a Premium Gin made from juniper and strawberries from the south of Spain. A careful selection of the finest aromas to create a versatile and well-balanced gin that stands out for its incredible flavour, which highlights the slightly citric and sweet notes of the strawberries.


      Appearance: An attractive natural bright pink colour.
      Nose: Strawberries are the key component with their more complex nuances: both sweet and citric at the same time. A perfect combination.
      Palate: Balanced structure with a lively, fruity palate, blending notes of strawberry with a subtle citric note. The finish is off-dry, long, fresh and sweet at the same time.


      Due to its versatility, Ampersand Strawberry offers myriad options for creating different mixed drinks and cocktails, playing with soft drinks, juices and more unusual ingredients.

      It is perfect for enjoying as a refreshing mixed drink after eating, in the afternoon and also in the evening.

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