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  • RRP £29.99
  • £29.99

Amber and bright in colour. Aromas of orange and vanilla, with hints of spice and almond notes. A sweet and intense flavour… the essence of Ponche Caballero!

    Style: Fruit liqueur
    ABV: 27.00%
    Country: Spain
    Size: 1ltr
Product code: d081

    • Ponche Caballero is produced in Spain. They use the same way as it has been done for nearly a century. Ponche Caballero is carefully produced by way of a long and meticulous process with selection of brandy from Spain, and selected natural products: delicious andalucian oranges, plums, sultanas, dried fruits, syrups and powdered cinnamon. 

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  • Additional Information

      Ponche, which is the Spanish word for Punch, is original from ancient Persia, where a similar drink was elaborated. It was called “panj” – meaning five – in reference to the number of ingredients used: brandy, sugar, lemon, water and tea.

      Through India the Punch then got into the hands of the East India Company, who introduced it to the British colonies in the early seventeenth century.

      During the eighteenth century Punch consumption spread throughout the Western world and its recipe was adjusted to local tastes in each country, varying the type of alcohol and spices used in its elaboration. Punch quickly established itself as a drink for celebrations and special occasions.