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Estrella Galicia 4.7% 24 x 330ml case
SKU : j001
Estrella Galicia World Lager is a premium beer, produced using pilsen and roasted malts, and hops. Offering a traditional flavour of marked bitterness and refreshing aftertaste with every sip, this is a light and refreshing beer, easy to drink. 23 IBU's
  • RRP £44.34
  • £44.34
Crema De Fresa (Strawberries and Cream) Liqueur Sabores 15% 70cl
SKU : d084
Creamy, milky, light pink in colour with clear strawberry nose, a pronounced strawberry and summer fruits flavour warm smooth and creamy finish.
  • RRP £12.99
  • £12.99
Crema De Café (Coffee Cream)Liqueur Sabores 15% 70cl
SKU : d083
Creamy coffee-coloured with elegant coffee notes on the nose and intense creamy sweet coffee on the finish, everything that you would expect from the title.
  • RRP £12.99
  • £12.99
Crema De Orujo Liqueur Sabores 70cl 15%
SKU : d085
Crema de Orujo or Kremarujo is a cream liqueur made from alcohol distilled from grapes. Not unlike Baileys' in flavour.
  • RRP £12.99
  • £12.99
Platano (Banana) Liqueur Sabores 70cl 17% alc.
SKU : d075
Green-yellow in colour with a luscious ripe banana nose, surprisingly delicate banana flavour in mouth with a sweet spicy finish.
  • £11.99
Mora (Blackberry) Liqueur Sabores 70cl 17% alc.
SKU : d074
Bright, a bit intense, purplish red colour with violet dark-fruits predominant on the nose. Enhancing ripen blackberries in the mouth and a smooth, aromatic and sweet finish.
  • £11.99
Frambuesa (Raspberry) Liqueur Sabores 70cl 17% alc.
SKU : d072
Bright, and vivid cherry-red in colour a pleasant red-fruits and sweet raspberry nose and wonderful balanced high intensity sweet finish.
  • £11.99
Cereza (Cherry) Liqueur Sabores 70cl 17% alc.
SKU : d070
Lovely clear pink in colour with rich cherry candy flavours and a smooth and well-balanced finish of warm alcohol and cherry freshness.
  • £11.99
Mandarina (Tangerine) Liqueur Sabores 70cl 17% alc.
SKU : d063
Bright orange in colour with intense aromas of ripe tangerines and a wonderful flavour of soft and fresh oranges on the finish.
  • £11.99
Higo (Fig) Liqueur Sabores 70cl 17% alc.
SKU : d073
Bright amber-colour with a nose of nuts, dried leaves and ripened figs leaving a warm aromatic and sweet spice on the finish.
  • £11.99
Manzana Verde (Green Apple) Liqueur Sabores 70cl 17% alc.
SKU : d071
Bright and clear with an intense nose of green apples and a persistent fresh and lightly aromatic finish.
  • £11.99
Melon Liqueur Sabores 70cl 17% alc.
SKU : d067s
Bright, greenish-yellow colour with a nose of intense ripen melons and a rich melon finish.
  • £11.99
Melocoton (Peach) Liqueur Sabores 70cl 17% alc.
SKU : d065
Bright and clear with flavours stone fruits especially ripe peaches with a wonderful tropical fruit finish .
  • £11.99
Almendras (Almond) Liqueur Sabores 70cl 17% alc.
SKU : d069
Bright, amber-colour with intense sweet almond flavours and a warm finish.
  • £11.99
Bellota (Acorn) Liqueur Sabores 70cl 17% alc.
SKU : d064s
Bright, open, old gold colour with intense, clear and pure characteristics notes of acorn. Popular in cocktails.
  • £11.99
Avellana (Hazelnut) Liqueur Sabores 70cl 17% alc.
SKU : d066
Bright, amber-colour with a clear, intense toasted hazelnut taste and a smooth, well-balanced, warm, pleasing finish.
  • £11.99
Turron (Nougat) Liqueur Sabores 70cl 17% alc.
SKU : d094
Bright, golden-yellow colour liqueur with toasted nuts, sweet almond and candy mixed scents.
  • £11.99
Choco-Menta (Chocolate-Mint) Liqueur Sabores 70cl 17% alc.
SKU : d082
This is like eating an 'After Eight Chocolate' in a bottle.
  • £11.99
Menta (Mint) Sabores 70cl 17% alc.
SKU : d079
Bright, vivid green grass colour with herbs scents and a predominance of fresh mint.
  • £11.99
Café Liqueur Sabores 70cl 17% alc.
SKU : d076
Bright, dark mahogany colored intense coffee liqueur.
  • £11.99
Canela (Cinnamon) Sabores 70cl 17% alc.
SKU : d078
An aromatic cinnamon flavoured liqueur.
  • £11.99
Karamelodka (Vodka Based Liqueur) 17% alc. 70cl
SKU : d089
A Vodka based liqueur with Caramel, caramelized nuts, light coffee with cream.
  • RRP £14.50
  • £14.50
Chinchon (dry Anis) litre 43% alc.
SKU : d061
The liquor known as anis is obtained through the maceration of the green aniseed in agricultural alcohol. It is then distilled in a copper still. The result is a clear liquid with an alcoholic content that varies by type: This is a dry Anis.
  • RRP £24.99
  • £24.99
Anis De Mono (Sweet Anis) 36% 70cl
SKU : d099
Anís del Mono Dulce, natural aniseed is distilled in copper stills with other aromatics in order to obtain only the essential oils. These oils are mixed with sugar cane, demineralised water, and neutral alcohol before being shaken, filtered and bottled.
  • RRP £23.99
  • £23.99
Ponche Caballero litre 27% alc.
SKU : d081
A classic Spanish liqueur, Ponche Caballero starts off with Spanish brandy and adds oranges, plums, sultanas, cinnamon and a stack of other dried fruit and spices.
  • RRP £27.99
  • £27.99